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10 September 2019Leonardo Da Vinci : The complete Renaissence Man
08 October 2019The Bayeux Tapestry
12 November 2019Silk Road Dress:Diplomats Merchants and Princesses
10 December 2019The Magic Flute
14 January 2020Ocean liner Art: Ships that shaped our lives, 1800-1950
11 February 2020British Studio Pottery: A Concise History
10 March 2020A Brief Story of Wine
14 April 2020The use of colour in English Garden Design
12 May 2020The Story of The Crystal Palace
09 June 2020Manet, Painter of Modern Life

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Leonardo Da Vinci : The complete Renaissence Man Mr Guy Rooker Tuesday 10 September 2019

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist whose works were informed by scientific investigation.Leonardo observed the world closely describing, nature as his teacher, studying anatomy and physiology in order to create convincing images of the human form.  Science and art are different paths that lead to the same destination.This talk reviews Leonardo’s approach to linear perspective, human proportion, emotion, light and shade together with the fashion in which his scientific investigations influenced his art.