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Minutes TAS AGM Tues 10 Oct 2017
Wednesday 12 September 2018

The Arts Society Heathfield Wealden (NADFAS)

25th Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Heathfield Community Hall at 2.15pm


Present: Chairman Victoria Joyce

Committee members: Drummond Abrams, Margaret Woodley, Lyn Williams, Christine Grimwood, Priscilla Rawlins, Caroline Hobbs, Judy Beggs, Sally Gray

Apologies: Ann Howgego, Shirley Rawlings

Members: 92 plus 4 guests


1) Chairman's Report


The Chairman welcomed members to the 25th AGM.

She pointed out that minutes of the last AGM had been sent electronically to most members but there were copies available in the hall for those that could not access them. She also reminded the members of our website address ( and urged members to view this regularly for updated information. Much of her time during the past year has been taken up with designing the website and also with the rebranding of NADFAS to The Arts Society. She also pointed out the importance of members checking that their email addresses were correct on their copies of the membership list.

The committee were thanked for their work in organising such successful lecturers, special interest days and visits and she also thanked Peter Gilks, Hazel Davey and Louise.

Special thanks went to Drummond Abrams, our outgoing Treasurer, who together with Peter Williams, the new Treasurer has wrestled with an arcane banking system and put in place an up to date system suitable for the 21st century. We are indebted to both for their hard work and especially Drummond who stepped in to fill a gap and has been a steadying hand on our finances.

We do need more members and all efforts to publicise and recruit more members are very much appreciated. Members were asked to support our celebration supper on the 7th July 2018 and to bring their friends.


2)Treasurer's Report


Drummond Abrams reminded members that the Financial Report had been circulated in August with the annual mail.

He said we had had a successful year financially making a profit of£1000 as although membership was down a slight increase in the subscription rate had balanced this. We have reserves of £ 16,275 and our finances are in a robust state.

Michael Jameson - Till was thanked for auditing the accounts and agreeing to continue to do so.

The re-appointing of the auditor was proposed by Drummond Abrams and seconded by Hal Haden.

Ann Higgins proposed the adopting of the financial report for year ending June 2017 and this was seconded by Robert Ransom.

Finally Drummond thanked everyone for their help and support during his time as Treasurer.


3) Election/re - election of Officers and Committee members


Shirley Rawlings has decided to step down from the committee but will continue to pick up speakers from the station and we are indebted to her for this.

Drummond is stepping down as Treasurer and Peter Williams will be the new Treasurer


3) Election and re- election of Officers and Committee members cont....


Peter Williams was proposed as Treasurer by Drummond Abrams and seconded by Tim Hough

Sue Jowett ( new committee member) was proposed by Caroline Bruce - Smythe and seconded by Ann Higgins.

Priscilla Rawlins ( new committee member) was proposed by Margot Sanderson and seconded by Jane Anniss

The existing committee remaining was proposed by Courtney Kenny and seconded by Hal Haden to continue for another year.


4) Any other business or queries


The Chairman then asked the members whether there were any queries about any of the points raised or anything further anyone wished to raise.

There were no further queries or points to raise and so she thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


The Annual General Meeting for 2018 will be on October 9th 2018 at 2.15pm in the Heathfiel Community Centre